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Restez informé.es!

AJ Orena’s doctoral research on speech processing in bilingual infants was featured in recent news:

The Conversation: The amazing baby brain says ‘pas de problème’ with bilingualism.


La Conversation: Les bébés peuvent-ils apprendre deux langues en même temps? You bet!


The McGill Tribune:  Bilingual infants take a unique path to speech development.


The McGill University Newsroom:  Baby talk: babies prefer listening to their own kind


The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Leader:  Babies want to listen to other babies


The Daily Mail UK:  Shhh, mummy! Babies prefer each other’s voices because it helps them learn to talk, researchers claim


Huffington Post UK:  Babies prefer listening to each other than to adults – as it helps them learn to speak


CBC Toronto: Goo goo gaa gaa’: Infants prefer baby talk, research shows


CBC Radio: Quirks & Quarks: Babies prefer the sound of other babies The many ways baby talk gives infant brains a boost

The Nature of Things” with David Sazuki:  The secret lives of babies


CBC radio Canada show Decouverte: Bebes et musique


CNN: “Can infants un-ravel classical music? This story was one of the top 10 McGill research news stories in 2002.

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