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School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, McGill University 2001 McGill College Avenue, 8th floor, room 832

Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1G1


EN: 514-398-1210

FR: 514-949-1210

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following section to see if we have already answered your questions! If not, don't hesitate to reach out!


Can I bring my child's sibling along?

Yes, of course you can bring your child's sibling along even if they are not participating in the study. There is a play area at the lab so if there is an extra available researcher they can watch your child there while you and your baby complete the testing. Otherwise, the sibling can also accompany you both to the testing room and watch the testing process from a screen outside the sound booth.

How long do the studies usually take?

Depending on the study, the experiment itself usually takes anywhere between 5-15 minutes after which we have a language questionnaire which takes anywhere between 10-30 minutes. We usually schedule for 30 minutes to 1-hour-long appointments in case you need to feed or change your baby. 

Is there parking space & a metro station nearby?

Yes, there is a parking garage just underneath our building and the lab is located at a 5 minutes walking distance from metro McGill, we will send you more details about how to access it from the street when we schedule you in for a study.

I have a friend with a baby who is interested in your studies, how can they participate?

We're always happy to get new participants, they can contact us by email at or by phone at 514-398-1210.

What's the targeted age range for your studies?

Our studies mainly focus on 4 to 18-month-old infants, but we also occasionally have some studies targeting adults.

My baby doesn't speak yet, what are you looking into?

Infants actually have greater language abilities than we give them credit for, we are studying how they perceive speech sounds and learn language as they grow up. 

How many visits do the studies usually require?

Most of our studies only require one visit, but some may require multiple visits. In that case, there will be offering a compensation.


Are the studies safe for my baby?

Yes, all of our studies are non-invasive and safe for the baby, we will track their reactions to auditory and visual stimuli while they sit on your lap. All sounds are played at a volume that is comfortable for infants. Usually, parents find the experience interesting. You will be with your baby for the entire duration of the experiment. Additionally, you may be required to wear headphones or a sleeping mask to not influence your baby's reactions to our stimuli.

Is my information going to be confidential?

Yes, we delete all identifying information after codifying the data and only researchers and lab members having signed a confidentiality form may access the codified files.

Do you offer clinical assessments?

We do not offer clinical assessments as we currently don't have qualified personnel to do so. We mainly study the language development of typically developing children so we can obtain a deeper understanding of how to improve the services for children with language impairments.

Can I stop the study once it has already begun?

Yes, you are allowed to withdraw from the study at any moment. We will also stop the study if we notice that your baby gets too fussy or tired. You can also take a break at any moment.

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