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Become a participant in one of our studies and help us investigate speech perception and development in infants!

By filling out this form, you agree to be contacted by phone or by E-mail by one of our research coordinators to inquire about and enter your child's basic information into the McGill Infant Research Group database for future studies. Thank you for your interest and contributions to our research!

A visit to our lab

In our ongoing studies at McGill University, we are aiming to learn more about the early steps in speech perception and language development. Specifically, we are interested in how infants learn to listen and respond to speech during the first year of life. Our research relies on interested volunteers, and we invite you and your child to participate in our studies!

The details of individual studies vary, but typically the infant is seated on one of their parent's lap or seated in a baby bouncer chair while we observe and measure their reactions to various speech samples. Our experiments are designed to be enjoyable for infants and informative for parents. They are not clinical assessments but rather help to advance our understanding of typical language development in young children. Participation in one of our studies normally involves a 30-45 minute visit to our laboratory.

Along with the study, we provide:

- Parking space

- Compensation for your travel expenses

- A souvenir certificate for your baby

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