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Learn more about our current projects and how you and your baby can participate 

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A visit to our lab


Our studies explore how babies begin developing their language skills by learning to understand speech.  We observe how infants listen and respond to speech and how this changes across the first year of life. We invite you and your child to participate in our studies! 


The details of individual studies vary, but typically the infant is seated on a parent's lap or in a baby chair while we observe and measure their reactions to different speech samples. The tasks are designed to be enjoyable for infants and informative for parents. Our tasks are not clinical assessments but can help us understand language development in very young children. Participation in one of our studies normally involves a 30-45 minute visit to our laboratory. 


Along with the study, we provide: 

- Parking  

- Compensation for your travel expenses 

- A souvenir certificate for your baby 

It was fun for me and for my child. Actually was pretty much the same as the play time we have at home every day!
This opportunity provided me a moment to sit with my child and really take the time to tell him how he makes me feel and that made me feel really happy that I could do that in a calm setting. It was nice to be able to reflect on these emotions as we don’t think to do this at home in every day life.
It was fun to do something together with my baby and learn about how we communicate! Everyone at the lab was very friendly! Thank you!
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