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Meet Our Team!

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our enthusiastic group includes the lab director Dr. Polka, Ph.D./Master's students, lab coordinators, research assistants, and volunteers. 

Working together, we create an active and fun research environment. We look forward to meeting you!

Lab Director

Dr. Polka received her undergraduate degree from Slippery Rock State College in Pennsylvania, where she majored in Psychology and completed a minor in Japanese Studies. She then when on to earn her PhD. in Experimental Psychology and Clinical Audiology at the University of South Florida. Following this she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Developmental Psychology at the University of British Columbia, supported by an NIH National Research Service Award. Dr Polka is now a professor in the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders (SCSD) which is part of the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and is Director of the McGill Baby Lab. She has also served as the Graduate Program Director in the SCSD for 12 years and is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. The main goal of her research is to understand how infants learn to communicate. Her research focuses on typically developing children but she has also conducted research on the assessment of hearing loss in infants

She began her career at McGill University in 1989.  

Publications & CV

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